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Without your financial support our work is not possible.  To contibute any amount to our general fund please click "Donate" below to use our secure and convenient PayPal link (major credit card in US dollars).

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Donations received will be allocated on a closely monitored “as need” basis to the following:


Village Community Banking (VICOBA)

In conjunction with VINE TRUST of Scotland, TAWREF constructs houses for orphans, elderly and the disabled.  Each beneficiary family appoints one member to attend a 5 day VICOBA training to promote a revolving savings culture by addressing vulnerability and sustainable development.   US$75 provides for one individual training session.


Ventilated Improved Pits (VIP) 

Due to lack of funding and local custom, VINE Trust/TAWREF homes are built without inside bathrooms relying instead on simple outdoor pit latrines. US$800 provides each home with a much needed VIP “pours flash toilet system” and bathing room.  


Start-Up Capital 

Providing marginalized families with a home and economic skills is incomplete unless they are given the means to start a sustainable business or send their children to school.  US$155 buys 10 chickens, US$120 buys one goat, US$100 buys 2 piglets or 2 beehives.  US$40 buys 2 pair of school uniforms and 1 pair of shoes.


General Administrative Support

TAWREF office rent costs US$300 per month, utilities US$55 per month, administrative /maintenace supplies US$75 per month.


Remember “Together we can move the stone at a time.”


Asante sana (thank you very much)


Dafrosa Kokulingilila Itemba

The Executive Director,                                   
Tanzania Women Research Foundation,    
J.K. Nyerere Road                                             
P. O Box 8598
Moshi, Tanzania


Tel: + 255 272 754540


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