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Our Core Values

Transparency: We are committed to an open leadership through sharing our budgets, plans, reports, best practices and challenges to our stakeholders.


Accountability: We strive to fulfill our responsibilities and stewardship to beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders and remain open to challenges.


Volunteerism: We offer extra time towards service provision and personal resources while striving to serve communities.


Networking: We build alliances and partnerships with other key players to promote communication and community’s desired impact. We instigate public and private partnerships to combine diverse strengths and resources.



Appreciation: We value community participation and input through participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes leading to community ownership of their interventions.

Gender Sensitivity: We put marginalized communities first by ensuring gender consciousness throughout the program cycle.

Teamwork: The leadership style is that of building cohesiveness and synergy by sharing responsibility and supporting one another.

Professionalism and Innovativeness: Our work is managed by these driving factors for success.


Love for One Another: We are committed to serve the poor, the marginalized and the voiceless.

Sustainability: We aim at managing interventions together with, and not for, communities with a gradual exit and hand over of interventions to the local leadership.

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