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Economic Empowerment of WLHIV

  • 250  Women and a few men as direct beneficiaries.

  • 2,000 as indirect beneficiaries.

  • The strategy is to change the world of  the WLHIV through enhancing their economic power.

  • Anticipated outcome: Improved health, nutrition, business skills, livelihood, access to social services, purchasing power, increased voice and choices, positive living.


Grassroots Women’ Empowerment and Mobilization

Work with 20 Grassroots groups – to make them leaders, monitors, owners and  champions of community interventions. They promote positive living for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and PLHIV and through provision of community initiated social services.  


Virus Monitoring

Annual Viral load count and Hypetitis B testing to approximately 608 CHAT research beneficiaries.

Community Economic Empowerment


Economic support of women living with Health Challenges (Agriculture)

Economic support of women living with Health Challenges (Livestock)

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