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2012 has been a year of increasing partnership development to include the Vine Trust of Scotland, The Foundation for Tomorrow, Norwegian Farmers and Small- holders Union, Children in Crossfire, Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK), and our Scottish benefactor Susan Bhaumik.

Our Achievments for 2012


Equally important has been the expansion of our research collaboration with our long-term friends and partners at Duke University to include regulatory approval of a Trauma Focused, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) project. This project’s initial Pilot Study has lead to a five-year Scale-up plan to include the recruitment of 320 additional children in the Bungoma, Kenya region. Staff recruitment and community service expansion was required to meet overall project goals. Some preliminary results indicate that TF-CBT is the leading child trauma intervention, demonstrated effective in reducing symptoms for these children.


In addition to the newly expanded TF-CBT project, we’ve continued to work closely with Duke in support of our long term studies Positive Outcomes for Orphans (POFO) and Coping HIV and AIDS Tanzania (CHAT). Published POFO findings have already influenced global policy decisions regarding optimal orphan care settings. For CHAT, leading outcomes include self-reported adherence to HIV medications, adherence to medical visits, and HIV viral load suppression.


Additionally TAWREF has worked to sustain existing projects such as revolving livelihood for Women Living with HIV, improved nutrition standards for children and women of reproductive age, and the purchase of land to construct a TAWREF office building.


Going forward we look to implementing a Partnership Policy to strengthen our relationship process, design a fund raising strategy, and to raise community awareness on the value of research in improving life.


Integrated Early Childhood

"Talk to Your Baby" Project

Community Economic Empowerment

"Kitchen Gardens" Project

Community Shelter Support

"Vine Trust" House Construction Project

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